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Whiter teeth, everybody wants them. And why not? Your smile is the first thing others notice about you. It says more about you than any other feature.

Tooth whitening can be the simplest, kindest and most affordable way of enhancing your smile. Many people look and feel years younger after the treatment. Here at Duthie Dental, we have paid particular attention to the developments in tooth whitening agents and techniques for many years. In 2005 Dr Marie-Louise Duthie embarked on the tooth whitening expert Dr Linda Greenwall’s course held at the Royal College of Physicians in London.

Since then the practice has tried a number of different tooth whitening systems and with 12 years experience in the area, we feel we have found an excellent solution for our patients.

When it comes to tooth whitening there is no quick fix. Your teeth have darkened over decades of staining agents found in food and beverages. Lasers and one-hour treatments have been found to be far less effective that progressive night-bleaching over a sustained period of time. We at Duthie Dental would agree that this seems to be the case in our experience. We have managed to find one lab in the UK that can make the quality of vacuum sealed tray that we require to prevent the bleaching agent diluting with saliva. We have found the best results with Optident & Boutique White tooth whitening agents using them under a specific prescription increasing the concentration as you go through the course. We expect most patients to commit to a 3-4 week period of whitening. In our experience, 2 weeks is not sufficient to achieve the desired result.

Sensitivity must be expected during the procedure, this sensation tends to die off within a few days of completing the course. Once they have been whitened you will need to wear your trays and top up 3-6 nights per year to maintain the appearance.

If you would like more information on Tooth Whitening please download our informative PDF in the free resource section.

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