Our ethos says that treatment should be phased to deliver prevention and disease control before attempting to repair the damage with restorative dentistry. The prevention and disease control is the main task of the hygienist and therapist service. A brief summary of their roles appears in the downloadable PDF.


The hygienists provide control of periodontal disease by performing root surface debridement, root planing and irrigating periodontal pockets with the aim of reducing inflammation. They will advise on an appropriate oral hygiene regime for you to use at home.In addition to this, the therapists provide routine fillings and operative treatments for carious areas which require attention. The preventative nurse can perform plaque, saliva and bacterial tests and apply the more concentrated fluorides for non-operative treatment of early caries or in older patients to in-operable root caries lesions. This can also help those patients with sensitive roots.


If you would like more information on Hygienist & Periodontal Surgery please download our informative PDF in the free resource section.

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