Your Choices

There are three different options for the treatment you receive through our practice, NHS, Private Care package and direct charges by our practice. Please read the following if you would like to find out more information.

  • NHS Care
  • Denplan Packages
  • Private Fee Per Item

NHS Care

At The Oral Health Practice, we offer NHS care but the amount of care we can offer is limited by NHS England. This means we have to ration it on a monthly basis. The NHS is an ‘essential service’ and there are strict guidelines on how often we can review patients. The main function is the provide access to dental care when necessary. All NHS charges are beyond our control. The fees are like ‘taxes’ and have to be collected on the day or paid in advance.

Private Care Packages & Direct

We are also a Denplan Excel Accredited Practice which means we are inspected annually and comply with their codes of practice. We offer both Dental Essentials and Denplan Care. These plans are paid by monthly direct debit.

Patients can also just opt to pay privately for any treatment direct to our practice.

Fees are based on time and costs for individual items are misleading. Please ask reception for an idea of costs or click here to view our prices.

In Summary

The most obvious difference is that in the NHS, patients do not have a ‘dentist’ as such; they are all patients of ‘NHS England’ and since April 2006 there has been no continuing care concept. We disagree with this and prefer the on-going commitment that Denplan or Private contract provides.

You can download our Denplan Vs NHS PDF from the free resources page for a more detailed explanation about the differences between NHS and Denplan or private care.

Unsure which best suits you? Contact us for advice and suppport.